Valentine’s Day: Sales, Suggestions, and a Gift Wrapping Idea!


Ah, Valentine’s Day. I remember what it was like to work in an adult store around valentine’s day; mostly, I remember the people running around trying to get together gifts last minute. This year, if you’re looking for something for your sweetie, cut down on the hassle and shop online.

Since we’re well past V-Day, I’ve decided to keep these gift wrapping ideas but I’ve removed the outdated sales. Still looking for awesome sales and other goodies? Check out my Sales & Deals page and my Affiliates page!

vdaycandy1. Lelo Gigi 2. Tantus C-Ring 3. We Vibe Tango 4. We Vibe Salsa 5. Key by Jopen Comet G 6. Uberlube Samples 7. Tantus Pro-Touch 8. Glyde Condoms in Slimfit and Flavored (Strawberry) Candy purchased from Shane’s Confectionary, here in Philadelphia! I’d highly recommend them and their counterpart, Franklin Fountain, for all your vintage confection desires!

One really great way to wrap up the gifts you got for your sweetie(s) is to disguise it as a candy box: whether you buy a candy box already filled with candy or go to a craft store and get an empty one like I did, you can find a variety of sizes that should accommodate most anything, unless you’re getting a spreader bar or sex furniture. If you buy a box with candy already in it, just take out the candy and any trays inside of it and fill it up however you want- and eat the extra candy (duh). You can wash and charge anything before putting it in the box so it’s ready to go, and keep any manuals in an envelope to give the person(s) you’re giving the presents to later. I mocked up a few ideas, but feel free to go wild personalizing the box you put together!

vdaymoss1. Pure Plug 2. Crystal Delights Small Frosted Plug 3. Nobessence Seduction 4. Sliquid Organics Natural Water Based Lube 5. Laid Norway D.1 Norwegian Moonstone Dildo 

Massage Must-Haves 


vdayropenumbers1. Nitrile Gloves 2. Aneros Helix Syn 3. Crystal Delights Colors Against Cancer Melanoma Studded Dildo 4. Uberlube 5. Je Joue Mimi 6. Whartenberg Wheel 7. Tantus Fantasy Gag 8. Tantus Plunge Paddle/Dildo combo.

Rope in box and behind the box courtesy of Kink Shoppe- their house conditioned and dyed hemp and house conditioned tossa jute. They have a large selection of ropes made from hemp, linen, and a few varietals of jute, and can do custom orders with the color and length of your choice. Get in touch with them [here].

Spank You Very Much


vdayrose1. Lelo Mona 2 2. We Vibe 4 3. Nobessence Fling 4. Pure Wand (it’s hiding in the roses, but it’s there!) 5. Tenga Egg 

Looking for Something Else? Live Outside the US? Check this out: 

Are you shopping in Canada? I’ve got an awesome sex positive cooperative you should be looking at right now. They’ve got a lot of the products mentioned above, and more.

Shopping Internationally? You should be talking to my friends at Lovehoney.

Looking for some sexy lingerie? Right now, my favorite is the Kiss Me Deadly line, which is carried by Lovehoney. You can get HommeMystere, a line of femme lingerie made specifically for bodies assigned male at birth (wide shoulders, small/no breasts, penises) from Early to Bed

Vegan? Here are some options from SheBop and SheVibe.

All in all, the dreaded Vday doesn’t have to be intimidating. Feel free to contact me via email or my tumblr ask if you want specialized suggestions or have any questions.



  1. I love this! So cute and such a perfect idea… and this is coming from someone who mildly despises valentines day :D

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